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Great Results & Advice

Great Results & Advice

I found Bianca Browse a pleasant and easy Agent to get on with, her results and advice were great. Thanks Bianca.


And boy did you deliver!

And boy did you deliver!

Well what a whirlwind. The whole idea of selling our house was a whimsical concept after a few wines and a dream of starting afresh for our young little family to be set up by the beach. I remember the early days of looking at places to buy and seeing you at auctions and opens again and again and thinking, this lady is has it sussed! A perfect balance of professionalism, warmth and genuine regard for meeting the needs of the people you come across. 

So we made the call to sell and the other agents didn't really stand a chance. You were reliable, full of level headed information and a strong sense of confidence in your own abilities without needing to articulate it. An easy pick. 

And boy did you deliver! As you know I'm an open book and share all of myself (face mask and all) when making such a massive change to our lives. You held our vulnerabilities safely from beginning to end, making us feel as though we were calling all the shots and leading the way. Thank you so much for guiding us so beautifully to achieve what we were always hoping would be the true value of our home. 

The whole campaign was flawless and your organisation and clarity in summarising the interest and feedback on the property was amazing! And don't even get me started on the auction! It felt like it was the quickest moments of my life; thanks to Michael for his expertise on the day, again another easy decision to fall into his calm and experienced hands. 

Bianca, you made it possible for us to ask every question that crossed our minds, call or text whenever we needed reassurance (I needed!!) and most of all you made it seem like we were your only priority. 

You are so very clever at what you do and I feel very grateful that you were able to be apart of our transition into a new phase for the Coldwell's . Please know that I have shared my recent experience with many people and would have no doubt singing your praises to anyone who needed an agent. 

As you know we are looking forward to breathing a little in a rental and getting Maggie settled into a new school. I would love to keep in contact when the time is right for us to buy. I know you will look after us!

Take care and I hope to see you again soon

Amanda & Phil

An Absolute Credit to Harcourts

An Absolute Credit to Harcourts

Bianca has helped us in every possible way - and gone well beyond what we were expecting from a real estate agent. She's been an outstanding project manager, works manager, buyer, marketing expert, creative director, video presenter, social media adviser, tactician, motivator and more.

Bianca's feel for the market and the narrative of our home - and her supportive, expert advice have left us with an amazing price for our property and a number of our neighbours keen to know more about her skills.

Bianca's consideration for and connection with everyone she came into contact with - tradies, neighbours, buyers, our family members - was a joy to behold.

She's an absolute credit to Harcourts.


This winter I sold my house at 2a Winton Ave, Hove. We were under a tight schedule to complete the full renovation before I had to head overseas. I consulted many different agents but it seamed none could appreciate the vision I had for the home. There was still a lot of work to do but the moment Bianca Browse came through the door I could see that she saw the same potential that I did.

On paper there was nothing distinct about my home, as a small three bedroom two bathroom Torrens title, it's true value came from the thought and care the we spent on its functionality and it's styling. Our buyer was someone who was going to see that value and fall in love with an idea. If helping potential buyers see that value was all Bianca did then I would still be writing this testimonial... but she did far more than that.

She gave honest feedback, gave great advice, always promptly replied to questions, she followed me up when I missed scheduled appointments and made everyone who entered my home feel welcome and comfortable. If you are in the market to sell your home and you want top dollar without the pushy sales tactics then Bianca is definitely your agent. 


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